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Monday, April 28, 2008

HVX200 test drive

Today I took the HVX200 out for a "test drive".
I have always been keen about film motion. The characteristic move of 24fps transfered to 30fps (or 60i) is very unique. When I was shopping around months back I happened to read all articles about the new 24p cameras out there....some were convincing and some weren't.

Like the film veteran Scott Billups said once in his book Digital Moviemaking 3.0, many of those articles are written by people who have little or no real world experience and who are simply "transcribing" or reformatting in their own words what the manufacturers give them in a press-release, and of course, much of that is just hype, commercially motivated fibbing. You only know the performance of something on the field, on a real project who's main finale is the big screen or prime time TV where all quality is tested. No question asked.

So, just for starters, I took the cam out and shot simple stuff around the neighborhood, streets, cars passing by, the sun thru the trees (to see how it manages high-contrast light) , slow motion in-camera and finally its time-lapse capability with a beautiful sunset.

The excuse to do it was to have a motive and chose to make video for my lovely girl that I wanted to make so bad since time ago.
And here is the result.

Solace of a Statue - a Video Poem