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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Filming at the Morro Solar

Bolognesi's last moments. Just like the Lepiani painting
The 250 lb Vavasseur cannon I built months back for these scenes
The pole for the national flag at the top
Making the trenches all weekend. Spent my birthday like that.
A small improvised toast for my B-day.
Down below: scenario for the Alto del Alianza battle scenes.

Building the trenches before painting the sacks
Moments before filming.
Dressing up the Vavasseur cannon.
Working into the night. Very cold and windy.
Some of my cast. Good actors-Beautiful people
Unloading the Krupp cannons.

Bolognesi's and More's death.
Alfonso Ugarte's jump to eternity.

Guillermo More's death
Putting on the steadicam support

Explining the extras how the scenes are gonna be
Make up for the Husares de Junin before the Alto del Alianza scenes
Roque Saenz Peña

Jose San Martin's death, Chilean commander of the 4to de Linea.
It has been quite an overwhelming experience filming at the top of the Morro Solar. Heat, strong changes in weather conditions like sun, heavy fog, drizzle, cold, very strong winds, etc.

There was also many hurdles to overcome with the Army but eventually it went fine. Came back down for the Christmas holidays and now going back to filming up there. Pity theres weak cellphone signal and mostly no coverage. Sleeping there is like a picnic without the fun of it. I enjoy the fact that I'm progressing with my film but the hurdles I face take a toll on my ability to enjoy it fully sometimes. It's too much pressure and drain emotionally apart from mentally and physically.

I will post all details and anecdotes when I get back home to Lima from the morro. Another long week of filming ahead with Bolognesi, Ugarte, More, Belaunde, Sanez Peña and all the soldier heroes.

Here some pics of the works up there.