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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cuts, dissolves, fades to black....Post-production process.

Editing "Gloria del Pacifico". Been doing it for the last 2 months now and still like 5 months away from finishing it.

Many things to cover and now its the montage. Then comes the adding of visual effects, rotoscoping, digital composition, sky replacement, 3D buildings and mountains, 3D water, musical scoring, color correction, etc. A lot to do on my own but the work is worth it. Wish I could delegate some work but the editing involves the knowledge of two basic things to make it right: knowing history, knwoing the script by hand and knowing where and when things were shot for soem scenes weren't shot complete in one place but in 3 to 4 differente places and in a span of 2 years from one another in some cases.

Considering the fact of training another person to work along with me on this. Im giving it deep thoughts....

My montage station.