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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Editing "Gloria del Pacífico" and a surprise chilean visit

Began editing "Gloria del Pacifico" already. Still some 10 scenes away from total completion but have already sufficient material to start editing. Been doing it for the last 3 weeks.

I'm showing it to only a few thse first scenes and can;t hold back my joy to know its getting in shape pretty well and that it awes the viewer. Showed it also to Enrique Robles, chilean military historian who contacted me a few weeks ago because of the interview I had in the chilean newspaper La tercera and Radio Coorporación. To hear him saying that its superior to what's been done in his own country really sparks a sense of sane achievement, specially knwoing that its been made without any government support nor outside invesment but only my own pocket. Putting heart, soul and life into this has cost me my own health even so....its starting to pay in the end little by little.

Editing "Gloria del Pacífico"

Enrique Robles's visit.

His words in the books he brought me as gifts.