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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Found my lead actor!

I finally got the lead actor to sign in for my film!!
I met Fernando Bakovic thru a friend of mine and we arranged a meeting for this evening.
Walked him thru the whole project and explained what Id like Bolognesi to be portrayed as.

I'm glad he liked the dimension this project is growing to be and...he is in!
I can see that in person he has the strong features I was looking for and with make-up and some prosthetics, he will do just fine.

By the way....tomorrow I'm expecting the prosthetics specialist for the mustache and beard camera tests and then in the afternoon the meeting with the music composer.
I'll be writing the incidental music for the film but Id like another person to do the theme song and three songs for the main characters plus one for the enemy Chilean forces. Kind like their "Leit Motifs".

Have some melodies in mind that I want to play to him to use and develop.