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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cubano, the videoclip

Shooting the videoclip has been awesome. Great people and hilarious Cheito Quiñones. Also the Arturo and Patty Lavalle, mexican producers and professional people I loved working with.
I also met Alain Pastrana, author and mastermind of all these. Great gentle guy. He wrote that song as a tribute to his fellow cuban countrymen. His new single called "Cubano" talks about the struggle cubans go thru in search for a new and better life outside the island. The shooting was very curious as we were form many different countries all together in one single production.
We all know Miami is more latin than american (actually, we are americans too...I personally don't know who decided to call citizens of the United States americans when americans are all who live in the American continent, all inlcuding central and south america....but well, that's another topic). The different accents all around was the funny thing: light technicians and the gaffer were mexicans, the grip was from Dominican Republic, the producers were from Mexico, the drummer and guitarists were from Cuba and Cheito is from Puerto Rico.

We got to shoot three versions in the end (came out as a surprise for me actually): the salsa version, the reggaeton one making a duo with Joselito and a rap version with Knight. The official one is the salsa version to be promoted as a single.

I then took the material to Nebraska for editing and finished the post-production back in Lima applying our Proceso Cinemático Digital.

Here is the final video and below the behind-the-scenes.

Alain Band - "Cubano"

ALAIN BAND - "Cubano" from Juan Carlos Oganes on Vimeo.

Cubano - Behind the scenes

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shooting day

Here is the behind-the-scenes of the SuperMovida Intro.
It's in two parts below.

La SuperMovida -Behind the scenes Part I

La SuperMovida -Behind the scenes Part II

Friday, January 11, 2008

La SuperMovida

So, I got a call from Nilver Huarac and Jeanet some days ago. It came out of the blue as I haven't heard from them since four years ago when we worked together on her TV show.

Since I've been away most of 2007 I didn't get to pay attention to local TV and that she was back since september.

We had a meeting and they wanted me to work with them to improve the show. I was reluctant at first as the prior experience working for Panamericana TV (where they air from) was rocky and they still owe me some cash (Panamericana is known for not paying clients and employees) but they were handling the show independently so that was good to hear. I was introduced to the producers of each sequence so we could share ways to make things better. It was a bit odd to decide as I'm flying back n forth and didnt want to attach myself to it. Ive done TV before and it's very frenzy, very demanding in time and mind.

The ratings were going down and they wanted to polish up their TV show with a new look and content. I suggested first to change their show Intro as it would be the inmediate thing people would see before the show began....so off we did, made a script idea, shot it yesterday and this is the result. This time it was done using the Canon XL-1 with four lenses: the 16x, a Tokina AF 19-35mm f/4, a Canon 13x and a Canon EF 35mm f/2 Prime Lens.

After editing I applied our Digital Cinematic Process-PCD to make it look like film but didn't use the 3:2 pulldown cadence as I wanted to keep it more 60i. This time just took a break on that move.

A behind-the-scenes was made also. I will put it in the next post.
Take a look at the final intro below.

INTRO "LA SUPERMOVIDA" from Juan Carlos Oganes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Filming confirmed....off to Miami

Now the filming of the videoclip is confirmed!
Will be flying in some days to Miami. Will arrive just a couple of days prior to catch up with pre-production.

Will post more later.

Monday, January 7, 2008

An interesting call

My good friend Ursula Mifflin called from Miami telling that a cuban-american band wants me to direct their new video single. They are called Alain Band and they are formed by some of the fine latin musicians in the city. The singer of the single is the one and only Cheito Quiñonez, known trompet player of Miami Sound Machine.
It's gonna be a nice experience. Good salsa band as she told me.
Let's hear it then....I'd like to hear the song to picture some ideas in mind.
They asked to be recorded in SD so I'm taking the Canon with me. The Canon lens adaptor will be used for the other lenses. I saw a nice Nikon 50mm prime lens on a store there online that's be good for my kit but that adaptor doesnt allow me that brand. I really need to get me one 35mm adaptor. I just tested the Brevis and I like it but I have read some articles about the Letus that has me interested. No more inverted clips.
It will be a nice opportunity to get my hands on one over there.