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Monday, January 31, 2011

Finished filming downtown

Finally wrapped up filming a the Casona downtown. This location has allowed great shots and also has been a blow of fresh air on the crew and actors as its more of a controlled environment compared to the desert location where we shot the battle and trenches scenes. The heat, dust and circumstances were simply hard to endure. And we are not done yet as we'll be back there to continue filming battle scenes in two weeks approximately.

This last weekend was just full of tight schedule hours and fast filming solutions but still making it look aesthetic. Finished filming a bit past midnight and counting the packing up and putting it all in the car we ended going home at around 5am!

One anecdote was that we had schedule Sunday to shoot the heroes meeting with More when he talks about the shipwreck of his Independence ship. I wanted it to be touching and very heartfelt. The actor had to make a quick trip to Huancayo (5 hours away from Lima) and due to be back on Tuesday. Had to pay his trip back as we had only till this Sunday to finish in that location. Early that day he called me and said there were some floods and mudslides that blocked the highways and there were no buses coming to Lima until further noticed. It was worry-some as all was set for that scene and we had that last day to shoot it. Thank God he found a way and arrived onset at around 6pm. Long scene but made it finally.
Definitely, The Lord has its ways to put us to the test.

Now...preparing the next scenes in our next two locations: Chorrillos and Callao.