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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peru-Nebraska (translated!)

Just stumbled into this lovely video.
Saw on TV an interview about this and I was moved inside as I used to live in a nearby city close to a town called Peru in Nebraska.

Wish there was a subtitled version so english speaking people would understand what the voice-over is saying while showing to another different culture how Peru's is with our typical social demeanor, our double-meaning jokes, our food, folk dances, our national drinks, slang humor, party mood, idiosyncrasies, etc.
The street smart jokes said are funny because we use more of a double-meaning street slang here and specially the ones done to the cop in the car is hilarious (the cop trying to play tough when he is confused, lol)!!
I'm sure latino's living there would get the joke perhaps as we share some of that culture. All done with friendly intentions of course.

Love this culture-merging video. We here in latin america are invaded by the northern culture so much it's of no surprise we know them for decades (their news, movies, economics, etc.), but are they of us? I know they aren't. There should be more videos like this so cultural differences narrow and we get closer together. Love it!! Marca Peru.