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Friday, September 10, 2010

My jib crane has arrived!

As soon as I came home from the Pachamanca, I opened the boxes I went to pick up at the airport earlier today (4am). Bought an EZ FX jib crane that came from Florida as its needed for the wide and high battle shots. We've been in contact with the dealer for many months trying to set up a good quote for me as the budget for the film was going a bit overboard.

I used to own another jib crane some years ago but sold it in 2007. I tried to contact the guy I sold it to but he resold it to another person and the daily rate of that guy was really ridiculously high. I won't tell names but many people here in the field assume I have a lot of money if I'm making a period film like this and try to take advantage in a way, that's why I always believed in owning everything you use so you don't have to depend on anybody. If they knew that no matter the costs here, I'm making much of the items myself to save as much as I can and put it all "on the screen", so to speak, to make it look like "big" and as good as possible. So, anyway, with the money I'd spent renting a jib, it was worth buying a brand new one instead with all its accessories.

So its finally here. I'm so excited about it. It complies with the weigh specifications I needed for my type of camera rig. I also got myself the extension parts to raise the camera even higher, like above 3 meters (more than 7 feet). Will test it this Sunday.


Pachamanca day. It was worth the wait.

A BIG thank you to all who helped me make this amazing uniforms. I know I've been a pain in the ass with details, colors and stuff but it was needed for the film. Now that it's all done this delicious meal is for you!