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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Civilian scenes now starting: Timotea Vernal

I haven't been posting as often as I used to these weeks for the loss we had surely gets to our emotions. At least I can say for sure of myself but, as others say, the show must go on.

We had a chance to go back to filming in a prior location we did early 2011: the Casona de San Marcos. This time was for some short scenes of Timotea Vernal meeting with Alfonso Ugarte in a garden plaza. We had for ourselves just Sunday and according to what we were told, the whole day was gonna be quiet and no public was to be present. Glad we started somewhat early for the last takes were a bit noisy thank to hundreds of people going in and out. Being a cultural center, it is always a place for dance shows, folk events and else. That very Sunday, after lunch time, little by little, masses of young poeple and audience began to fill the whole place, forcing us to ask for quietness during takes. It was a hassle, but the shots for beautiful. Maybe some takes I'll have to overdub and do some dialogue replacement.

Having finalized all battle scenes, this was the official start of the civilian scene parts of the film. The very last scenes of the whole project. Still many to do but we are almost close to completion.