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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"El Infiernillo" - new side project

While filming "Voces en el Silencio" http://www.juancarlosoganes.net/2011/11/made-trailer-for-film-i-did-last-month.html , actor Jose Luis Ruiz told me about a TV series project he had in his hands for prompt realization. Now the time has come and just for two days, filming will take place in a prison with many inmates and actors participating on what will be an interesting drama because of the message and mission it gives and its importance for the real reforming of all people who happen to fall in disgrace inside places like this.

Now, it's just a matter of juggling this without affecting "Gloria del Pacifico" schedules.
Will post more stuff soon.

The roof and upper parts.

Full security.

The cell are small and really depressing...a bit crowded.

The actor in a pose and angle he will have in the film.

Manco Capac and Cochrane ready for filming

The time finally came to pick up two of the three commissioned miniature battleships for the film.
Rusted bolts and worn out painting all around help to give it a more realistic look. We will see when filming if it needs a bit more retouching but so far it looks very well done. Alejandro's work is worth praising. Really like his work.

The Manco Capac and the Cochrane are now ready for launching into the sea, so to speak. :)

Manco Capac and Cochrane.

Fully detailed to give it a more realistic look for the film.

Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's work in screen capture photos

Found an internet signal to connect to while on location!
Here cellphone signal is very weak and even activating 3G on my phone doesn't give it enough power to get or receive calls so no wonder my laptop has a hard time finding any signal around these hills and deserts.

Yesterday, an accident happened that made me stop filming for the day and had to replan shooting schedule for the next days until the problem is solved. Seems like it will next week.

Here are a few screen captures of the scenes I've been filming.
Very happy with the results.

Staying to sleep on location is allowing us to work quicker. The extras are really helpfull and ready. Quite a relief and a Godsend attitude when I have to handle hundreds.

Got a call from a TV show covering historic themes and they want an interview now that June 7 (Arica's final battle) is approaching. We tried to settle a date but we don't coincide so sadly I had to say no. Can't cancel filming sessions. We are very delayed already.

Anyway....here's the result of this week's work so far.

Screen capture: Attack to the Ciudadela.

Screen capture: Artillery.

Screen capture: Soldiers at the Ciudadela trenches.

Screen capture: Fire!

Screen capture: The powder barrels.

Screen capture: Chilean officers Col. Lagos and Gen. Baquedano.

Screen capture: Gen. Baquedano at his tent.

Screen capture: Commander Ramon Zavala.

Screen capture: Brave battle.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A busy week filming again

It's been a hell of a busy week. Finally retaking filming sessions north of Lima at Puente Piedra and staying to sleep on location because of distance reasons (we all crew live far from it). Would love to have a better bed but the mattress we all got is old and not cushioning enough. I can feel the bed wood panels under me so Im buying huge bed-shaped foam for all of us.

Around 200 extras were present here and there during the daily filming for some complementary battle scenes. The weapons, the adrenaline, the attitude and all were perfect. I'm quite thrilled.

Just a few incidents arouse regarding someone tripping over and a horse hitting a light stand and breaking the bulbs during a scene near midnight. But all in all I got what was envisioned.

Here are a few pics of this week's work.

Tomorrow...another full week of filming. Gonna miss my own bed.

Chilean soldiers reaching the top of the Ciudadela fortress.

Brave soldiers on both sides offering their lives for their ow country.

Checking rifles malfunctions. They get stuck when soil gets in the chamber.

Alejandro shooting also the behind the scenes. All crew takes turns.

Cesar, already a "veteran film soldier", helps an extra with his rifle.

Tarapaca's batallion flag.

No holds barred.

Horses. Love those noble animals.

Checking the takes with actors.

A wide view of the second line of defense of Ciudadela.

Stating safety precautions.

Explaining the extras how today's scenes will be.

Dirtying an actors face.