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Monday, July 9, 2012

Life: all the things you make me live thru.

After two weeks away from home I'm back for a few days. Had to renew inner batteries. It's been quite rough and quite tense so closing my eyes in my own room is refreshing.

But looking at the pictures and reviewing the footage reminds me of one of my mottos: Hurdles pass, work prevails. And this is just one example of it all. Im happy with the results and so thankful to God above for stretching His hand and open windows for me when doors seem to close. There's some kind of energy protecting this even at the worst of times. Shot chilean officers General Baquedano and colonel Lagos's scenes together with sergeant major De La Cruz Salvo and Lieutenant Colonel Jose San Martin were filmed. Cameos by captain Belisario Campo and major Vargas also. Peruvian engineer Teodoro Elmore and Lieutenant Pedro Ureta chase and capture scenes too with some incidents along the way that thank God ended up well because of the riskiness of the takes. An actress became ill the day before her scene so had to reschedule and change scene orders not to lose the day with the rest of the actors for Micaela Arias (Alfredo Maldonado's mother) hut scene. Eventually all came out nice....and the cute farm animals making us company all these weeks. Nature has a soothing effect on me. Animals seem so in peace. No problems and no dilemmas to work out. Always with a friendly approach to you.

And glad to have good people, very good people around me. Friends are priceless!
Glad to be back....Have to return to location in a few days. Meanwhile, also having to review Ccarcaria's script in order to check all locations needed for the film. Will be travelling to Huancavelica for the weekend. Have to split my brain in two for all these, but....work is work.

De La Cruz Salvo, Lagos, Campo and Baquedano.

At Chacalluta's tent.

Tired but progressing.

Good old Cesar always there for the film.

Micaela's hut scene: Loved the outcome of this one.

Good actors and good friends.

Faithful people. Priceless angels.

Making more uniforms.

Applying adornments for the chilean Carabineros de Yungay caps.

Reviewing the takes.

Rehearsing moves with the extras that play the Carabineros de Yungay.

Walking to filming location with the squad behind.

Carabineros de Yungay.

Engineer Teodoro Elmore's horse chase before getting caught.

Finished the last 15 caps at 1:37am. Tired but happy.

Elmore and Ureta.
So cute silly lamb reminding me of Baby all the time.