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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gloria del Pacifico film seminar

End of last year, I was proposed to start expos and seminars about the film but time was tight and many things were restraining these from happening. Now its different and gave the first of many in schedule. This time at the Joint School of the Armed Forces (Escuela Conjunta de las Fuerzas Armadas).

200 + attendees among some civilians. A packed house meant a lot of interest and its a heart-warming experience to see interest in history and "Gloria del Pacífico". Showed a bit of scenes that were already finished and colored-corrected. Had the chance to talk about the process of creating the film, how it all came together, how my idea started, the hurdles passed in general and the mission to make audiences in Peru reflect on the errors made in the past and how we can avoid them now.

I can't stop mentioning my friend and fellow history-buff Peruvian Navy officer Captain Juan Carlos Llosa, who gladly invited me to the event.

Starting the seminar

A packed house of around 200 people.

Showcasing scenes of the film.

Shaking hands with people of similar history interest.