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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking at the past

Getting ready now to film the scenes with Rosa Vernal (Alfonso Ugarte's mother). All these is finally approaching its end and will be wrapping up in March with Reynaldo Arenas and Pold Gastello's war survivor scenes.

I guess the last things to be filmed will be just the special effects shots of the war ship models and green screen sailors to be placed in them and motion-tracked to follow the ship's moves. Will be a bit of a challenge but pushing the digital effects has been quite a ride so far and looking good. Thinking of doing the water all in digital form for mimicking waves to be in the appropriate proportion to the miniature ship models (almost 2 meters long each) is a bit of dilemma still to be resolved. In case it is, then it will all be shot entirely real. I'm still thinking hard and checking out some old school techniques.

Looking back on all the war battle scenes footage and the interior ones makes me feel wistful. All the efforts, all the hurdles, all the mishaps and all the troubles gone thru to make these all happen is simply such an exciting thing and like a dream come true. Must be similar to a mother giving birth to its child. 12 films already and I haven't felt this big of a excitement. Its yet my most demanding and ambitious film so far. That's why I thank all who have helped make my dream come true once more. So far...the biggest one.

Quite a ride all these years...
I thank the Lord above and all my good friends for helping me make this happen :)