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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My MAS magazine october article

My October article for the MAS magazine. Forgot to post it back then :P

Soon...the November one.


Feeling that numbing/tingling sensation on the right side of my face and arm again. Was feeling it some days ago and now it's back.
I know stress levels are high nowadays and I got lots to handle but it's starting to worry me much.

Still working here to get this done in time. The year is ending and many holidays get in the way of my filming schedule. It is a hassle to work with hundreds of extras and make many things coincide in time and space, but no matter how organized, it is hard anyway for anyone who has done this or wants to do something of this size and scope. This week's scenes are of lesser scale but on December comes the larger ones (except for next week's Ciudadela's explosion which involves almost two hundred on set).

Meanwhile, here are some freeze frames / frame captures from my film camera of recent scenes. Looking good if I may say.