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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All set for the Alto del Alianza battle scenes

After some days of full-time coordinations, all is set to go on location for some days: horses, horsemen, riding equipment, lighting equipment, light mixers, 180 meters of power cable, power generators, jib crane, dolly, cameras and filming equipment, 520 extras to portray Peruvian, Chilean and Bolivian ones, 520 uniforms, same amount of rifles, 4200 blank bullets, 10 ground explosives, make up and prosthetics, fake blown-up body parts, swords, 3 big tents, 2 trucks full of equipment and of course....lots of water!

Filming deep in the desert is no joke for when I had the chance to shoot a decumentary years ago, the sun and sand really makes you feel tired and weak, like if the sun itself sucks energy out of you. So, water is your best friend and plenty needs to be taken with us.

It will be the last big battle scene of the film and the one that opens it: the huge battle of the Alto del Alianza.

The desert.

The army and civilian extras.


Similar landscape to the Intiorco plateau near Tacna.

Building tents and camping stuff to stay for days.