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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Marca Peru commercial

Have you all seen the recently released Marca Peru commercial? I'm sure many have a it's been stated to be listed in the top 5 most viewed on the internet worldwide. There many sites now that host it and chose to embed this youtube one from their account.

Can't help but get so excited when watching this beautifully made commercial. Read around that many here aren't so eager to call this a good choice. Reasons stated are that the actors speak in a Spanish (from Spain) accent; that all things shown aren't all of what Peru is made of; that there are also more important things to put in it that weren't, etc. I guess those people aren't getting it.

First of all, this commercial's target audience is for abroad audiences (in this case Spain) that according to the Department of Tourism statistics are a huge chunk of the people that come from Europe. Also, the commercial will be dubbed in many foreign languages to target those markets and this one is just the Spain version. So....let's just not rush into conclusions.

Besides, I know Peru is much more than what is shown here and has many interesting and amazing things to show and see but....this is just a commercial, not a documentary so, there's so much one can put into it and make it last the 3:07 minutes it plays from start to end.

People (and I mean my fellow country men) should start to value intentions more and not just watch the surface but the content and depth or message. I guess it takes more brains and a bit of deeper thinkign to appreciate something. I'm sure that we are being very autocritic with this for it's a commercial about our own country, but, being it as it is....this is just one of the many I'm sure PromPeru will showcase around in the next close years to come.

So far, it's not only beautifully filmed (Claudia Llosa directed it) but also beautifully done.

Happy to tears about this one :)