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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baquedano and Lagos tests

More uniform tests with the actors that will portray Baquedano and Lagos.
So far it does look good!

After the workshop I took home another load of Chilean soldiers and officers red pants. My car looks funny carrying around red stuff all over the city. One of these days I have to run to Gamarra to make the button holes. They make it faster there and in the hundreds in just a couple hours.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More fabrics still

Damn...so busy these days.
I keep getting back home after 10 or sometimes at midnight after a full day of work with this film thing.

Running here and there and driving all over Lima has turned into an everyday thing.

Tinting the extra uniforms I made to make them light cream white didn't work out as planned. The end result was a grayish tone that didn't pass as Peruvian soldiers uniforms so now I have to make more from scratch and that means more time.

Today I went to pick up more fabrics and it was like 14 rolls of them.
Had to take two cars to take it to the workshop.

Navy blue and Ivory White for the extra soldier uniforms.
It seems we are going to still go as far as mid-august until we finish the whole 584.
I need to start rehearsing with actors soon. Time is running out and I'm really feeling more pressure and stress already.

Still lots to be done and no time to do it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hats

This last two weeks have been frantic running here and there in search for the best hat maker.
I showed hat models that I was kindly borrowed by the army museum (was told I was heavily responsible for them if I was to lose or damage any as it is original historic material) but two makers failed me dead flat. Didn't even get close to it's shape...but one guy.

Today I was shown a prototype and it really looks good!
The shape of the frontal top part leaning forward and the bulky backside was achieved and tomorrow I'm hiring the guy to make me 40 officer's hats which the Army officers have the shape of this first pic I'm holding up.

The Navy officers have this one instead. This belonged to Miguel Grau for real.

And the Chilean soldiers that attacked Arica (3ro de Linea) use one that looks similar to this one. The one that is used by the 4rto de Linea is kinda similar in shape but with a neck cover and it's all beige/and color.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Justo Arias y Araguez

So after finishing another uniform adornment applications (while watching the Soccer World Cup. The whole planet had it's eyes on the TV set...Spain won!), met with my actor friend Erick Garcia who is playing Justo Arias y Araguez in my film.
The wardrobe fit him well with the exception of some loose parts near the armpit. The rest was fine and he could move freely and make fast and ample moves with it.
Applied the prosthetic/mustache and it all went up to a new level. Total transformation!

It really looked like our hero with the baldness and big forehead. He just needs to lose that beard and it's all set!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And wardrobe keeps coming along

Again, worried as hell to have all the wardrobe and uniforms ready on time, for filming, I have to get involved to give a hand.

It's a learning experience about wardrobe making also. So fascinating. Can't deny it.
I'll have fond memories of these all when it's over.

Went to Gamarra today again for two huge rolls of red fabric 60 mts. each to make more soldier pants.
The cutter I got for the wardrobe people is really paying off. It cuts more pieces in an hour than doing it by hand that would take days.

In the end, all uniforms will be stained and made to look worn out and dirty. IT all should look like the oil painting picture shown last below.

So far...time is running and it's a frantic days for me.