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Friday, December 16, 2011

Going to the Morro

Finally, after so many preparations and stuff to make things happen and work like a clock, I'm packing and going all the way up to the Morro. Huge scenes coming, so...on to build trenches and take cannons up there.
A bit more than a year ago I started filming this dream that is coming together and in the last part of it all. Second time also that I will pass my day away from home and working. Last time back in 2010 it was the scheduled day of filming the 4rto de Linea overtaking the peruvian Este fort. That was a huge for the number of extras and even small accidents didn't go amiss (rock hitting my head taking some scalp off of me), a bayonet wounding my chest lightly, a blank bullet shot in my thig and a rifle-butt blow in the stomach. After that, having hundreds of people singing to you was marvelous. Never happened to me before. It made my day despite the accidents.

The most amazing scenes to be shot these days now as a continuation of those shot a year ago.
Will be out of contact for a a while. No signal up there.
Wish me luck!