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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cuts, dissolves, fades to black....Post-production process.

Editing "Gloria del Pacifico". Been doing it for the last 2 months now and still like 5 months away from finishing it.

Many things to cover and now its the montage. Then comes the adding of visual effects, rotoscoping, digital composition, sky replacement, 3D buildings and mountains, 3D water, musical scoring, color correction, etc. A lot to do on my own but the work is worth it. Wish I could delegate some work but the editing involves the knowledge of two basic things to make it right: knowing history, knwoing the script by hand and knowing where and when things were shot for soem scenes weren't shot complete in one place but in 3 to 4 differente places and in a span of 2 years from one another in some cases.

Considering the fact of training another person to work along with me on this. Im giving it deep thoughts....

My montage station.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My Radio Cooperativa interview for "Gloria del Pacifico".

Was interviewed by the chilean Radio Cooperativa back in April 1rst, 2013. It's just audio but I edited it with some images from my film.

I thank them for this nice interview and their interest on my film. It's a warm feeling to know a fellow country's interest on one's work.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Second visit to Huancayo, Pucará and Concepción: Pre-production for Cáceres-La Breña.

My second visit to Huancayo and this time to meet with government authorities to arrange help to do the sequel to my "Gloria del Pacifico" film which happens here in the highlands of Peru and its about Cáceres and La Breña. Also coincided with the reenactment of the Pucará and Marcavalle battle scenes. Have seen it a month and half ago while rehearsing and today I could see what I saw on video footage of it years ago: they had a good "far away look" but close up views gives away the artisan ways they are doing it. Not exactly pro but its supposed to be seen from afar. I have to make hundreds of uniforms again anyway.

Interesting experience and glad to count again with the Army's help and with local Majors of nearby cities and towns where actual battles took place. Too bad the Governor isn't as willing or interested as the others (many told me even so prior hand)  so like with Gloria del Pacifico, will do it on my own again. Its funny how during interviews and speeches, goverment officials always talk about how important culture and tradition is and so on and so on....but when the opportunity rises to do soemthing about it, they just stall and make you feel like they are doing you a favor (when actually you are helping them do their job).

Anyway....the sequel pre-production stage is on track now and Huancayo's, Pucará's, Marcavalle's and Concepción's Majors and the Caceres Legion is with me on this.

I'm not alone on this quest. After Gloria del Pacifico, more doors open and I'm quite happy people who are committed to our nation's values understand my mission.