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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teaching again

Mmm...Teaching and learning.
I got a call a month and a half ago from a co-worker/friend from my teaching times at Inictel to teach the course of Non-Linear Editing, just as back then. Last time I saw him was at a get-together we all coworkers had last year. He asked me if I was interested to teach again. Couldn't answer right away as I was in the middle of filming and had to think about it.

It's been almost 6 years since I left teaching at Inictel. In the latter years, it has been annexed to the Universidad de Ingenieria-UNI (Engineering University) and has changed quite a bit for what I heard. All of my coworker friends are long gone from there and he is the only one still in it. I truly thought about it as teaching is a thing I always enjoyed. Did it from 2000 until 2006/07 aprox and also now its very frantic times because of the film. No time even for a personal life! But the offer was just weekends and for just a couple months. So I agreed.

It is good to be back to teaching again -even for a while- as sharing knowledge is a way of progressing and also having feedback from new generations of filmmakers or communicators in order to grow oneself. You never stop learning. Back in the days I had students from all walks of life, from video enthusiasts, future filmmakers, TV station editors, news reporters, gossip show camera men, counter-surveillance intelligence officers, army officers, navy officers, audio editors, musicians, etc.... and all either studying the whole career in Inictel or just as a free course.

Teaching....gives me a purpose to keep pushing strong in life.

The projector showing my computer screen for the students to follow.

Nice to be back.

The audio sessions.

The students practicing what has been taught.