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Monday, June 14, 2010

Got a cool idea

This last weekend, as I was rewriting the script part where Guillermo Moore has his flashbacks when he runs aground the "Independencia", I figured it would be more dramatic if I showed the moment as the metal and wooden walls of the ship brake apart letting sea water rush in.

First, dropped by the Navy Museum to check on scale models of the real ships and see what type of structure was needed to make it look real. Admiral Casaretto heard my idea and was nice to offer some suggestions. I told him my plan to have the aerial shots of the ship be done either CGI or scale model and/or a mixture of both. Im still looking for a good CGI guy who can pull this off fine. Computer work its either done good or not done. Cheap CGI looks ridiculous.

Later, dropped by the Navy Base and called Commander Llosa to ask him if the old ship I went to days ago had compartments that could be filled with water. He suggested some others that could work for the idea. Also some training center the Navy has to teach and train marines Damage Control. Finally, after checking it...it seems I will be able to make this scene work!!

Like Hannibal Smith used to say: "I love it when a plan comes together!" (by the way, the 2010 A-Team adaptation is coming out to theaters now. Mmm...the good ol' 80's).

The "Independencia" ship scale model.

Guillermo Moore

More work still...and 2 months aprox before filming starts.