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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flags and symbols all around

So this is "Independence week" as the 28 is approaching. As it happens all the years since I can remember, the streets are flooded with flags, cockades, flagpoles, ribbons and all things with national motives and symbols. A very patriotic time that starts usually by the start of July and builds up as the 28th approaches.

Since little as I lived near Tacna, I remember playing around with friends portraying passages from our independence or wars and that sensation of holding the flag, that very unique sensation is what I recall very vividly: the sensation of holding something of great significance. At one moment I think I went too far by playing with it that police came by and said something like: "Kid, ur not supposed to play with this". I felt embarrased but I wasn;t doing anything irrespectul deep inside. I was livign the pride of my nation very much within.

This week is mostly about meetings and arrengaments to continue filming past the 29th as all is stopped for the holidays and much of what I can progress is on hold in a way. That puts me a bit uneasy as time is what I need most.

At least I have time to recover from this cold/flu I caught. Whenever Im on location and stay there, the tight schedule and constant stress has me up most of the time, now here being home, seem like my body's mood is just to sleep and be motionless. Nothing like your own bed, they say.

Go away, flu. I need to get back to work!
Meanwhile, got myself another cockade to wear on my sleeve.