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Monday, May 4, 2009

Editing "Gaming By Design"

Now editing, this little process has grown into a meaning of its own.
And I say this because it's my last project on this last trip here.

My friend Peter was kind enough to put his trust in me on his script and even allowed me to do some changes in it to pump its drama a bit more without loosing its tounge-in-cheek sillines.

The special effects are taking a bit more time than expected. Being a "virtual video game", so to speak, I'm making a lot of "video" effects and "defects" to sell the idea/concept. Lots of chroma key, color correction and bezier masked layers in After Effects. And then...the sound and music score.
So far, I'm running like hell editing full time without much sleep hoping to finish before I go back to Peru in some days.

It's amazing how much you can do now when concentrated and focused...and nobody would tell it was edited in a simple hotel room. UPDATE: I had to finish polishing the special effects in my laptop while flaying back to Peru.
I'll just do the final touches here in Lima.