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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pushing the project forward

Went today to the Hoyos Rubios army fort in the Rimac district. Home of the 18th Armored Brigade run by General Pitot.
In my prior talking to him and also in the ceremony two days ago, he digged my film project idea and agreed to help on my requirements. Now, with the help of their industrial areas I can make uniforms and soldier battle accessories like belts, bullet casings and backpacks. Of course, I DO need to buy and give them all the materials for they won't spend a dime. Still, its better than to have it made somewhere else. I'm saving the manufacturing expense here.

It was also nice to find there a guy that I met back in 2005 while visiting Tacna in one of my research trips down there. He was an army officer in a lower rank and now he has gone up the ladder. Proved the general that I've been in this thing for quite a long time already.
Things are developing well so far.