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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Explosions test

Driving like 6o Km south of Lima and into the desert via a dirt road we headed to a huge empty sandy place far from all the city and civilization. It was kinda cloudy when we left by as we drove there it got sunny. The flies out there were annoying and getting in my car. I wondered where they came from as we were in the middle of nowhere and perhaps its because of some hen farms I see kilometers away. The wind was blowing soft and suddenly hard in just a matter of minutes. Those sudden changes in wind speed were gonna be hard to predict as I wanted a clean slate to test the digital compositing on. Of course, in real life the wind changes dramatically and in a matter of minutes, but for this first test, the calmer the better. This is the first explosion test after the special explosives arrived from overseas. The waiting has paid off for I see that no actual damage is done far from the sides of the explosion. This type of charges work best when having actors around it so I know they wont get hurt. I can then apply special effects to it to make it bigger and more menacing. I need to include more debris in the real explosions though.

This time we just exploded a small charge so I could test the digital compositing here at the studio.
You can see here explained in the video.
This is just the first of some tests to see how much I can pull things off without causing major damage to the actors and extras playing soldiers.

So far....I'm happy with the results.

Here is the video with the actual testing and digital composite afterward: