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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ccarccaria - a new film

Been in talks for the past weeks with fellow friend Juan Manuel Ochoa who was kind enough to propose me to direct a new film about famous and talented Peruvian scissors-dancer Damian De La Cruz.

Caught me by surprise for -as I was told now in detail- the project has been on hold for many months due to extreme problems with the prior director and production company. Later found out who that guy was and what he did.

The film is an autobiographical approach that not only covers his life but also much of the mystical and disciplined preparation of a scissors dancer and all the rituals involved in becoming one. It caught my attention for I so love and know much of the Andean cosmovision. Living in the highlands for many years and all the experiences learned while making documentaries up in the high sierras of Peru years ago will come in handy now. A topic worth every decent man's attention.

Damian De la Cruz is perhaps the humblest man I've ever met. Very calm, very thoughtful and very friendly. While checking him out online to see and learn more about his life, found out he is one of a handful of extremely succesful scissors dancer in the world, having traveled everywhere in the world and taken his dance skills to festivals in Asia and Europe. Quite a jewel. No wonder the scissors dance is now recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage because of its ancestry and longevity. Such a remarkable man with the humblest of attitude is quite rare and although I just met him, his energy is a positive and bright one.

Happy to know him and honored to be called on to direct such a vital project. Not only because it is about the life of one man that represents Peru very well but also because of the importance on taking this ancient folk dance to the masses and showing new generations about Peru's culture and heritage. We will be filming in Huancavelica and Lima.

Hurrying with "Gloria del Pacifico". If God allows, I'll be finishing in a couple months. Meanwhile, I'm starting to read and learn about the topic. Must document myself a lot in order to touch the subject professionally and realistic.

Such a great guy

With Damian De La Cruz -Ccarccaria