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Monday, November 8, 2010

Trenches almost done

The trenches are finally done. Just painting the sandbags soil brown is needed.
I'm putting wood floors and on the sides in a few days to contain the falling soil that I'm sure will happen as the soldiers walk back and forth in it.

The cleaning and erasing of nearby signs around the hills was needed too and it's all done.
Now flagpoles, tents and soldier camps are to be built around the weekend.

I'm starting to feel a bit weak and sneezy. I hope it's just a passing flu.

Bayonets working!

The bayonets are done and working now!!!!
The retractable mechanism works fine and the blade seems so real as the actual thing.

Asked the hammer smith to make it a bit stiff for I wanted it to return to its position fast but with that in mind the actor receiving the bayonet assault will have to wear a bullet-proof vest in order not to get injured.