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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vavasseur ready for painting

Today, the new Vavasseur cannon was brought to the painting place to start on Thursday.
Quickly, the cannon was built on the support wooden sides and checked for balance. Didn't take off the plastic wrapping as these days, the humidity and rain is becoming an issue and is starting to rust the metal. Because of the extra thick casing shell inside the long neck (that forms a compartment that is going to be used for actual firing special FX) the nose tends to dive down faster than the back.

This is gonna be fixed by attaching a heavier piece in the back hidden under and a hook in order to keep it pointing upwards depending on the firing direction. The rest of the firing explosion will be added digitally in post.

So far, it does looks huge just like the 250lb. Vavasseur in actual scale. With the painting it will simply look amazing.

Can't wait to see it painted and test the firing mechanism!!