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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last minute hurdles!!

Crap!! Today Thursday 30th and I've been told that the auditorium where I planned to do the avant premiere isn't available anymore!!

More than a month of negotiations and being practically confirmed and I'm told now last-minute that it won't be given for the event. Mad as hell. This is the most disrespectful and unpolite way to act.

Now I have to look for another venue for the event.

5 days left 'till the avant premiere and 6 days 'till the national premiere of Gloria del Pacífico and this things have to happen.

No time to waste.

UPDATE: Found now a new place that is very adequate for the avant premiere: the Biblioteca Nacional's auditorium! Beautiful cozy place and above all...very friendly. Has no proper projector and projection screen so...off to get me both!

The auditorium for the avant premiere.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First official movie trailer for Gloria del Pacifico

So, after making a bit of room in this tight schedule to deliver the film on time for the premiere on November 6, I edited the first official trailer for Gloria del Pacífico. For many close friends and acquaintances, I showed around a first teaser/trailer since first half of 2011 and to them some footage here will be familiar, but this time I spliced in some newer stuff.

The second official trailer will be released close to the premiere. Probably by the end of October.

6:58am and I finally finished it and posted it here.

Now back to work. Think I'll just keep on going straight without sleep. Not tired yet.

VERY excited to release to the wide world the first trailer!!

GLORIA DEL PACIFICO Trailer Oficial from Juan Carlos Oganes on Vimeo.