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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ballroom gala scene: Timotea Vernal's dreams

Preparing these last weeks for one of the last "connecting scenes" or "pickup shots" -whatever you call it- and it has finally arrived.

This last thrusday and friday, we shot a connecting scene of one of Timotea Vernal flashbacks and another Alfonso Ugarte flashback with his mother Rosa Vernal.

Small scene onscreen but quite heavy production-wise for we had to gather mostly light-skin people with the actors as it was a high-class ballroom gala party in Iquique thrown by the governor. Back in the XIX century, class differences were quite marked specially in race and skin color so the historical accuracy demanded it.

Props and stuff were brought in and all the women's wardrobe done in the past months were used. Looked awesome onscreen! The male wardrobe was rented. Planned to make them too but if it was just gonna be used for these scene, it wasn't worth the expense.

Lighting the scene was quite tricky as -not being a built set but an old house- we couldn't hide very well the light stands so some shots need rotoscopy to delete them digitally. Another pain in the ass, but....there was no other way around it. No rigging was allowed in the ceiling for the house is protected (its a landmark building).

Expected to start filming by 11am, we ended up shooting around 4pm...way much late than expected as hairdos and makeup of all extras and actors took quite longer. Even with many make-up artists onset. Also, women were the most time-consuming, as petticoats, undergarments, collars, hair-locks, bags, gloves and hand fans required much assisting. Regardless, the scenes ended up looking beautiful.

The gala ballroom scene.

Last directions before filming.

Checking the wardrobe.

The dresses take first seat in these scenes.

Supervising the makeup.

Some extras practicing the moves.

Used an old wheelchair to follow the actors move freely around the ball room.

Giving directions to Bolognesi and Weguelin.

Sweating under the lights. Weguelin and Bolognesi.

René, dance expert, teaching the moves to the main actors.

Before the dance scene.

The good old clapboard.

Young gentlemen and their ladies.
Screen capture: Timotea Vernal and her chaperone Lucrecia.

Screen capture:Alfonso Ugarte, her mother Rosa Vernal and Timotea Vernal.

Screen capture: Alfonso Ugarte meets Timotea.

Screen capture: Bolognesi talking with Carlos Weguelin.

Screen capture: The ballroom gala party scene. Dozens of extras.
It's a wrap! Most of us all for the last picture of the filming day.