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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Timotea Vernal's departure.

Timotea Vernal's departure to Europe scenes. Downtown filming went very well and even though the heat nowadays is unbearable (gets close to 30 C) and even worse with the lights and heavy wardrobe, the takes went pretty well. The scenes captured happened as envisioned and that a thing sometimes directors can't say for there's always things that happen that forces you to adapt to your environments. We just had to start late for there was another event-seminar next door and the PA sound was loud. Had to rush things during filming and have all the lights ready for when that other thing got done.

But it all went well. Very well :)

Putting lots of lights outside to reinforce sunlight.


Lucrecia welcoming Ugarte.

Timotea's dream.

Explaining moves and intentions.

Screen capture: Timotea's frustration.
Screen capture: Ugarte's words.
Screen capture: Timotea and Alfonso - Lovers forever.