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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soon...my film's first teaser-trailer! (+ update)

This darn headache is totally making me lose precious time.
I'm almost done making the first teaser-trailer for my film and putting together all the footage available up until now. Right now I'm in the process of color-correction, timing, sound mixing sweetening and of course title design.

We are 70% done already and the scenes to be shot soon are the siege of the Morro de Arica top, Bolognesi's death and the full Batalla del Alto del Alianza (only shot some scenes of that last year already) and then off to Tacna and province for additional scenes.

Too many hours per day in front of this darn screen is really spoiling my eyes (even with screen protectors) so I hope to finish this thing soon.

Recorded a voice-over myself for it. I've done some for certain documentaries and I hear it fine but I guess I'll consider using one of the actor's who's also a voice-over talent.

So...soon the first teaser-trailer, people!!

UPDATE: After thorough thought I've decided to post pone the release of the first teaser trailer and await the right time. This is a totally independent film and I'd like to avoid any use of it outside of the real historical and patriotic purpose that it holds and which I have maintained for the entire time. It's just a matter of some weeks' waiting only. Art and historical facts together with respect should always be considered. I know I do.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter film sessions

Easter: time for introspection and deep thought for us Catholics. I personally have to thank Jesus for helping me up pull thru much of the hurdles I'm going thru these months of my life. I know for some this statement may sound cheesy but to those who actually believe -like me- they know what I'm talking about. Many have packed their bags and gone driving or camping out of town and touring all over Peru as it's the custom here while others stayed at home, eat just fish, watch religious movies like "The Robe", "King of Kings", "Ben-Hur" among others and visit churches for the special mass. Since my first memories of life, I recall hearing the lines and music of these movies and how they stick in ones head forever. In fact, as I blog about this, I can still hear the TV in the other room and listen to those AM, mono dull sound typical of those old time features and their magnificent music form the golden era of Hollywood. Ben Hur with it's large scale and scope...simply amazing.

Anyway, days ago I told the extras that I was filming this weekend and asked who was up for it. Happy to know most of them were. Did some pick-up shots to be included in my film. Lat time didn't have the chance to do it on time as the sun was just hiding behind the nearby mountains.

I told each one that it would be very enduring and tiresome but I guess they didn't think it was gonna be that much. But it was....Surprise!

Guys, are you still aching from this past weekend's shots? Perhaps now you have a better idea on how our good soldiers endured face-to-face charge battle scenes.
It was a good day. :)

Working on the first teaser-trailer now. Will be released in a few days.
The official trailer will be done once I have the whole 100% filmed. So far we are at 70%.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New follow focus and snap gears

As the filming date approached last year back in November, I set up and got together all the items and things i needed for it cleaned and ready.
My Indisystem rig has followed along with me for all these years and proven to be a good sidekick. Never gave me any problems and I know with this war-period film, it was gonna be put to the test thru the harsh elements: dust, scratches, close-by rifle blows, dirt, debris, wind and the wear and tear it changing set ups often.

After so much of that stuff in the past six months I can say it really is made to last.

I even posted an entry about Tim Ovel and the rigs he makes for us filmmakers. That was like two years ago. Again....this is no infommercial nor am I being paid to say this here but I'm very please after all these years with the equipment I got. It is also and opportunity to answer all who have written me asking about him and if my rig lasts. It does and he is alive and kicking. In fact, I happened to reach him on the phone while he was at NAB to share with him some suggestions I had for the things I encountered that I'd like to customize. He was nice enough to even send me a brand new follow focus and the newly designed snap gears!! Tested them as soon as I got them and they did their job fine on the field.

I would like this to be a statement about a product that is quite good and about a guy who is quite honest and enduring in his mission: Customer Satisfaction. And I'd like to say this with not only proof but also with the fair, moral and professional right to state this: I have read on some forums and blogs about how cheap and bad his products are. About how he has disappeared and how he doesn't follow up on you.
And I have also read and done my homework to at least briefly find out who was saying so. I don't want to dismiss any of the people who have the right to state their own opinion (heck, this is one too) but I do take professional opinions more seriously. And I mean professional when the person stating this or that has really done a lot and for years and with enduring or large scale stuff. In my case, I've been in this entertainment business for almost two decades already, done many nationwide TV commercials, corporate videos, short and feature lenght films and in fact this war-period movie is my 10th film. Apart from it all, about 95% of the people who have stated that Tim's rigs are crap are guys who -lets face it- are either newcomers or haven't done anything big-time as far as it seems.

Still...I respect their opinions and I also know the rigs limitations. Ive used film equipment for several gigs I had and yes, there are tougher and fancier stuff on the market out there. But companies who seem to market to middle or entry level people seem to charge like if they were like the big guys for something that can actually be priced lower like Indisystem does. I mean....if XX company is charging almost a grand or so per follow focus...how can Tim charge 3 times less and still be in business? many argue that it's because it's cheap or whatever, when actually it's not. The others could make stuff better perhaps in some areas, but if u customize ur rig with Tim I'm sure you can get a lot for your money.

This has been an honest and humble statement, people. I may have mentioned stuff about my chops but that was not out of ego, it was just to make a point that many need to look at the whole picture first. Entry level people as also pro people have a right to state their opinions, but when some are pro and have shot a lot with Tim's rig like I did and not been disappointed, why suddenly are newcomers leaving comments all over the net that badmouths this product? Entry level people and pro people have a right to pay the just for a product that does the job...not just pay for a brand.

It simply makes me suspect there's something fishy here. Dirty competition perhaps...? Mmm....

Friday, April 15, 2011

New uniforms almost done.

Finally, almost done with the new uniforms making process. 300 Peruvian and Chilean uniforms together with around 100 Bolivians are almost complete. Maybe a week and a half and it's all set. We are all taking the finished ones home to sew buttons. Its almost 3,500 buttons and it's a hell a lotta work.

Not much to say but only that's been long days of stressful work and thoughtful meditation on how to aboard the next scenes. Can't wait to finish the film and start post-production.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last interview at Radio Miraflores

Last night was the last interview for the film. Time went by quickly last time and the host never got to finish asking me stuff.
Now we got to do it. I thank them all for their interest and support. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's choose wise this time

I don't talk or discuss politics (or even footbal..lol) with people for it's always a matter of deep argument that many times push people apart, though I just want to say -in these delicate and very important moments of my country- that I hope, I so do hope, that my fellow Peruvians choose wise.

We have been hit socially, economically, politically and in our psyche a lot for the past decades and we have made many mistakes for choosing the wrong person. Many did wrong and many did right but here now on TV on the candidate's promises as election day approaches is the ever eternal discourse of "I'm for the poor and in need" when all they really do when in office is fill their pockets with our hard earn money. It's so sad to know we don't have much to choose from as all have a history of corruption and what not and we get to have to choose for the "minor evil" one.

I just hope there's a change for the good, at least a change that makes us all -30 million Peruvians- wake up from that old saying that states that "Peru is a beggar sitting on a gold bench". Because we are. We have much of the most beautiful lands of the world and with so much richness in all aspects. Our culture milenary culture proves it. We need to defend it and start believing in ourselves.

Let's recapture our sense of "nation" by believing in ourselves. Be it thru politics, thru economical growth, thru exportation and thru acquiring social values that we wont stand for corruption nor social laziness anymore. I want to help a bit with my art...as small or humble as it might be but with a lot of content and a message. Message is always important in art. Art without a message is simply a fly on the wall with a picture frame around it. My humble opinion.

Let's we all stand up and believe in Peru more than we do already. Our soil needs us more than ever.
We were great. Let's be great again.

A bit of the soundtrack of my life

Today I woke up to this sunny day after a relaxing sleep and with a somewhat mild mood.
As always, images of how the soon-to-be filmed scenes of my movie are passed in front of me like a 3D video displayed in my room wall as I open my eyes and welcome the day...and also today, images of my last days at school came to my head. Those teen years are full with stuff that marks everyone's lives forever and I do have some pretty awesome moments of tears and laughs.
Such impressionable stage in the life of any person is definitely a thing to consider serious, and much of those experiences were embedded in y mind to stay for the rest of my life: songs, places and people.

Much of that is music. Music that has stayed with me for years and are simply the soundtrack of my life. I have spent almost half of my life dedicated to art and music and few bands have touched my heart to the core like Queen, Yes and a south american band from Chile called Los Prisioneros. I simply was an eternal fan of those guys and never missed a concert they gave in here (only the one at Acho in 87 as I was living in the US around that time).

So I woke up to this song in the back of my mind: "Es Demasiado Triste" by Los Prisioneros and I looked it up on the net. Such strong and truthfully painful lyrics. Jorge Gonzales is a genius for writing this. Long live Los Prisioneros.

Sharing this with you all. A song from the soundtrack of my life.