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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting things ready for new scenes north of Lima

Having to wait a few more days to start filming is what's happening now. Time is needed for us to build and set up all scenography like pillboxes, ammunition stacking and tents on site in the deserts north of Lima. This time to film other angles of the Este and Ciudadela fortress' attack and its powder/ammo explosion scene together with the Alto del Alianza battle scenes.

These days have been mostly running around checking the locations for proper set up and budgeting building and production costs for all these. Thank God we have places close by for food and shelter. The last thing I want to have is 500 + people feeling so uneasy under the dehydrating sun and dry desert.

Now, so far, these things are on the way:  battlefield props and set up in Ancon / Puente Piedra, 3 big miniature models of the Cochrane, Manco Capac and Covadonga battleships, 150 lb Parrot cannon building and the "Ciudadela" ammo explosion.

Some Alto del Alianza scenes already shot on June last year.
Ancon desert: Landscape just like the Alto del Alianza in Tacna.
We have these two weeks to do most of it and start next month filming sessions.
Seems like enough time but actually we are running pretty fast out of time.

The Gattling gun is very heavy.
Dangerous moves coming down from the Morro Solar.
Getting Krupp cannons into the truck.

Puente Piedra deserts. Here we will set up the fortresses again.
Takes several people to pick up those heavy cannons off the ground and into the truck.

Brave Alejo and Luiss pushing the Gattling gun.