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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ccarccaria trailer filming

Coming back from the beautiful highlands of Huancavelica.

This time we all made a stop to "Gloria del Pacifico"'s filming schedule to film a trailer for the upcoming film "Ccarccaria" about Damian de la Cruz's life story. This is done with the purpose to get more attention and interest from the investors that are already grabbing a hold of this project. We hope this finally encourages them to support this gorgeous idea that has already gone thru much hurdles in the prior years because of a former director and producer who "didnt behave honestly" according to Damian and actors who witnessed the events. I'm glad to be able to be take this upwards and lead it to safer place and make it a reality. Damian is not only an excellent scissor dancer but an awesome humble person who deserves the limelight after all these years of personal achievements with his amazing talent. We work hard to make this happen.

Filmed this time -after 8 months of being here last year location scouting- at the Santa Barbara mercury mine, the city of Huancavelica, the town of Sacsamarca and the beautiful lake Choclococha where we had to build a wooden path barely hidden under water for Ccarccaria's character to walk on water (scissor dancer's -according to legend- are known to posses magic powers given to them by the Apus -the mountain spirits- and also to pacts with the devils itself). We filmed with Reynaldo Arenas and Juan Manuel Ochoa. Again, very happy to have them onboard a film I'm making.

Saw many lambs...missed my own lost in Lima. Where are you dear lamby?

Smiling crew.

Lambies all over :)

The Choclococha lake.

Discussing the scenes.

Reviewing the takes. Cold as Antartica.

Damian as Ccarccaria.

Reynaldo's makeup.

Amazing people.

Damian = Ccarccaria. Great guy.

Ccarccaria makeup.

Ochoa's makeup.

At the top of the world.

Beautiful view.

Black lamby. Missing my own in Lima.

Huancavelica city scenes.

Those logs were fragile and broke easily.

The Santa Barbara mercury mine. Awesome location.

Ccarccaria and body double Ulyses. Great guy too.


The mine heights.

Testing where to step.

The metal architecture.

Putting on plastic bags around my feet. No boots of my size.

Building the hidden wood path for Ccarccaria's run on water.