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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Focusing on the "art department"

Waiting for the commander in chief's approval is taking longer than expected. I can't say I'm calm but I'm handling it by working on other areas of the film like the Art Department meanwhile.

Last week I went to visit the site where the Bolognesi headquarters replica's at: the Real Felipe fortress, and today to the Museo de los Combatientes del Morro de Arica (Heores of the battle of Arica museum). I brought along the interior designer and friend of mine Juan Carlos Araujo. This is gonna be the first time he gets involved in a project of this size and type but I'm sure he will deliver. Besides, I trust him as a person and as an artist.

The museum is awesome and both places really bring you closer to how they lived, weared and also gives a better perspective of how the furniture, architecture and atmosphere were in that era. I want it to be well detailed in the film.

Here are some pics in the Respuesta Replica at the Real Felipe fortress and the House of Bolognesi.
Now the decorations and props that needs to appear on the film is better understood now.

Definitely...I love this era.
The high ceilings and tall doors and slim corridors of Bolognesi's house reminded me of my grandfathers' one in La Victoria. Their house was from the early 1900's.