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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battle scenes: day 2

Here some pics of the behind the scenes and also freeze frames from my actual camera.

Got hit by a rock in the head, by a bayonet in the ribs, with a rifle's butt in the hips and felt the blow of a firing rifle near my left leg...and all while shooting hand-held the battle scenes in-between the hundreds of soldiers.

Difficult by definitely and exciting day!! :)
The parts filmed were when the 3ro de Linea took over the Peruvian Ciudadela fort, the charges of Francisco Cornejo with the Cazadores de Pierola and the bravery of Justo Arias y Araguez with his Granaderos de Tacna. The gunfire and fights were awesome.

The energy flowing on the extras and the real soldiers was overwhelming. I could feel the excitement in them while doing this. One thing also was that no matter how much emphasis I put on safety, the soldiers got loose and careless and fired at will. Thank God they didn't harm anybody for real. Just bruises and cuts here and there.