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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interviews at Capital TV

And the premiere dat is getting closer. Just a bit less than a month away and october will be dedicated to market the film in all media. Had some interviews at Capital TV, the tv branch that Radio Capital is venturing to. Got interviewed by Mariella Patriau and Phillip Butters.

I'm rushing here with last deatils about the film and polishing all last special effects and compositing. Then to mix the music and audio together with the Foley process....and then it's good to show to the world!

So far I'm sleeping little and working non-stop!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The final countdown

September's original plan for the film's premiere had to be moved to November. Finally the date is set and we are now in the home stretch. The final countdown for Gloria del Pacifico has began!!

Still putting it all together, splicing and cutting out redundant footage or scenes that can be spared (for just the film version but the TV series one) without losing the content's ability to be understood.

I look at it now and has a faster, more hip pace. Perfect for a film, even though it is hard to cut a 5-hour project down to less than 110 minutes. Feels like I'm throwing away important info but have to be aware of nowadays audience impatience and on the other side their lack of knowledge about History. So, have to put it snappy but understandable.

Got myself a new pair of monitor speakers. This time I chose one of my favorite audio brands: Behringer. The "Truth" speaker series are awesome sounding and have such a powerful sonic output. The different locations deliver different types of audio quality. The rumble heard in the boom's mic and also in the lavaliers were a problem but is something a low-pass EQ filter managed well. Had to treat the editing room with more acoustic foam now that the sound editing and mixing stage has began. Using my fav plugins from Waves (been a fan since their release of the Renaissance Compressor back in 1997) and Izotope's RX3 for repairing and cleaning is such a pleasure to work with. These companies should earn an Oscar for such a contribution to the film industry.

Micky is working hard on the music score and dropped by the studio to listen the rough track a couple week's ago and its very touching. Very moving.

If God grants me the chance, I'll be able to also do "displays" for the film. Only several theaters are able to place them in the hallways. Permit laws put restrains in the size so they don's get in the way or obstruct free transit in case of emergencies.

God....I thank you for all these. Even under extreme stress and with hurdles from envious people, you are making your will here.

Tic tac.....the clock is ticking!!

Checking for Display maximum size

The posters

Cinemark is on board also

The music score. Very moving.