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Friday, September 3, 2010

Rosa Vernal

A month ago aprox, I went to see a theater play where a couple friends of mine were performing. Only three actors were in it and it was quite good, but what got my attention was this lady's acting.

Never saw her before but still her name in the credits sounded familiar.
As it's usually common here, after the play I waited a bit and approached the actors backstage to say hi and congratulate them. "Where have you been all these time that we haven't crossed paths?" was the first thing I said to her. She was pretty good. Pretty dramatic. She was the extraordinaire Lilian Nieto.

I learned that she has been acting since a long time ago and was actually very well known in the performing field here but took a hiatus of nine years and was just returning to perform recently. No wonder then we haven't crossed paths.

Went to see the last day of the play season a few days ago and immediately told her that I needed to talk business.
Now, days later, she accepted to be in my film and play the role of one the hero's mother. She will play Rosa Vernal.