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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3rd visit to Huancayo and Santa Rosa de Ocopa

And another visit to Huancayo city to meet with its Major. I'm glad he is onboard this sequel project too. Dropped by the Convent of Ocopa. A small town some 25 north of Huancayo to check that location for history tells Caceres stayed there for some time directing the war. There is no official documents that state this but word of mouth and some facts state that as a fact. Talked with the priest in charge, Mr. Cajo -who also happens to be a historian- and he had some interesting things to say about Caceres. Definetly thi is one of many visits. The convent is beautiful and the inside is simply stunning! Too bad pictures were prohbited but I secured this location for filming the sequel. The footage will be amazing I'm sure. So much history in one place.

With Dimas Aliaga, Huancayo's Major.
Convent of Ocopa. The front is amazing.
With priest Cajo. Interesting talks.
Visiting the same places Caceres was at 132 years ago.
The outsides of Ocopa.