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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good to be back

First day of filming after a hiatus of a couple months waiting for the right weather paid off.
It was like if time never passed and we've all been filming for endless months, well oiled so to speak.
As always, coordinating with army people is handling things in another way different than in civilian ways. Maybe because of the size of the Institution is that it takes way much longer to get things done in comparison to my people and it can be a bit draining, but it finally flowed along fine.
First day of filming for Carlos Vertiz as Bolognesi in the desert as we have already shot with him interior shots early this year. Now it was together with Arias y Araguez and Francisco Cornejo.

Finished the whole five scenes scheduled for today and they were done with the care and time I like to take for each. No rush and no careless improvisation but pure time to do the best takes one can take.
Happy with the results.

Tired, sleepless, dirty, unburnt but pushing forward.

Came back home at 1:30am and tired.
Tomorrow, another day of filming....and on and on.
It's good to be back to filming and making my dream :)