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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Independencia flashback scenes: flood and fire.

It's been quite a week these days and I am beat as a boxer after this. In a few words: exciting, dangerous, adrenaline-filled, scary at times but worth the emotions.

Also, tuesday morning we went to the San Lorenzo island some miles in front of Lima in a zodiac speed boat. Was told that around the island the waters are clear so I can do the underwater scenes as the Peruvian sailors fell into water and were shot to death. The beach was amazing as I never been there before. Funny how all falls in place here. Sadly, the water wasnt clear enough but I was told it depends much on how sunny it is and on the currents. Perhaps I'll have to wait a bit longer down the year to do those scenes. Can't simply go one day just out of the blue if the sun comes out strong as those shots need a lot of preparation. Have to think of plan B in case it doesn't work there. At least I visited the island. :)

Filmed basically the fire and flooding inside the Peruvian armored ship "Independencia" during the bombing as it ran aground. The chosen location worked perfect as it was prepared the prior days during the holidays.

Two new production assistant team mates are in summing up to the "growing family" and they began with the right foot with these exciting scenes. Welcome to the team guys!