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Monday, November 26, 2012

Silent days

Again, as many times, I've been away from the net and from blogging due to filming schedules. This time Tacna has welcomed us and we all arrived there happy weeks ago. Ready to film and ready to make history by doing it in one of the most heroic cities in Peru and also in the real scenarios where the battle took place.

It has been really hard times for me and my crew. It still is for me emotionally and in other areas as well. It is hard for the family of our beloved Carlitos to handle this and whom I'm giving my company and support in these moments of grief. Accidents happen even to the best of professionals and as of me, I did my very best to be next to you, my beloved friend. These are the events that you wish you could foresee into the immediate future and tell something will happen in order to save all who are around you. Events that happen in a split second and you wish you could go back in time and make it all correct. Just a minute before...just one minute. What is a minute? Nothing....Going back one minute in time makes no change to anyone, but can make the difference in events like this. Nightmares that you wish you could wake up from but when opening your eyes again you see its reality. How fragile can life be? How can it be possible to be here one minute and not the next? I know accidents happen as everyone tells us and that we should just accept it, but....how can it happen in such a daily task? Like they say: even the best of hunters lose their prey from time to time. But not Carlitos...he was very detailed in his job.

I thank all who have called me or written me all these days worried about the news that as of what I know have been all over the media. I haven't been online for weeks and with all these even worse for I have to take care of the ordeals this fatal event brought as a consequence. It is very hard for me and specially his family and for those who have been and still are working in this film and who knew him personally: a very professional person and very much into his work and with this dream. Somebody truly noble in whom I could rely and confide this meticulous task and area called Special Effects.
You went ahead before us to the land of Glory, Carlitos. Now...after the pain caused by such a loss and after much thinking, I am left with the satisfaction and honor of sharing these long two years of mutual work and friendship with you and more than proud of relying on your craftsmanship and talent for it. I was next to you until the very last moment looking after you. All of what's possible was done, I did all I could, but the Lord decided to take you with Him to continue your life with more dignity. So long my army friend, my very good friend. Now I have one more reason to make this film the best it can be and without a doubt it will be in memoriam to you.
I'll miss you so much Carlitos.