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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gloria del Pacifico's avant premiere

Finally, the day has come!

Have to admit that I was truly stressed out and nervous thinking that -because of the last minute cancelling of the prior venue where this was supposed to take place (discarding the already printed ones and not having enough time to print formal invitations with the new place in it)- the press and media wouldn't show up and that other stuff wouldn't be right. But they did and it all went fine!

Can't believe the amount of people that showed up and how much love was shown toward the film.

At the end of the film I was expecting hand shakes but not a near ten-minute ovation! I had to hold back my tears but saw many many really crying and realizing how much it touched their hearts. I truly wasn't expecting such  reception. I worked hard to really touch people's hearts with my film but not to this dimension. I glanced beholding all around me and trying my best to capture all in my mind...forever. Many renown actors showed up and some were truly legends who spoke wonders after the event. Seeing my family together after a long time with tears in their eyes also was just something that will stay here inside until I'm gone.

After it...it all went wild. The press, the media, the whole thing.

I have to truly thank the Lord above for giving me this chance, this gift of touching hearts thru film. Of giving a message to the world thru film. Of being able to succeed after many many years of hurdles and setbacks. The Lord aove knows how much pain has been accompanyin me all these years and this is in a way perhaps a way of Him saying: "You've been thru enough".

I'll try my best not to fuck it up again, Lord.

A big "thank you" to all my cast and crew for believing in me and tag along all these years of work and sweat. Without you, this would have been harder than it was.

I love you all!!!

The big ovation.

Prior words....

Words to the audience.

Posing for the press.
Thank you, Lord. Thank you!

And the story goes on....