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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last day: Uniforms complete.

Finally, the last remaining section of 173 uniforms has been completed. The peruvian uniforms of Cazadores del Misti are done and I'm taking it home.

So, the workshop's duty is kinda complete too for just bits here and there are needed but it's not daily anymore. Besides, I need to take all the wardrobe to Gamarra to have the button holes made industrially / in-mass.

I talked afterward with everybody thanking them so so much for these last two and a half months of daily hard work that I shared and learned with them a lot.

I feel sad in a way. Sad for it feels like that "last day at school year" sensation and we are not gonna see each others faces anymore or for a long while.

Their words of gratitude also for giving them a brand new fabric Cutter was touching. Not only has it given speed to the production of the wardrobe but it will help them with all future works. I feel good knowing I've left something valuable too.

But, as not to end in a sad way, as stated two weeks before finishing this, I'm offering a Pachamanca (it's an ancient Inca underground cooking for those unfamiliar with it) meal and get-together with all the ones that worked directly or indirectly with this.

See you on Friday, lovely people.