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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Civilian wardrobe and locations!

Haven't updated in some days for mostly security reasons (better to keep things private with the navy for now) but all I can say is that I'm happy with the talks so far. Today I got an informal approval stating the head is interested. I'm just keeping my feet on the ground until i get it officially.

Today, I went to check on civilian wardrobe I have ordered a while back and things are developing good so far: full dress uniforms for the high-class people scenes, maids clothing, top hats, sandals and old lady's day dress, gloves, etc.

After that I dropped by an old house under re-construction and renovation that was built around the 1840's. The patios, hallways, rooms and doors/windows are kept intact like it was back then. Talked with the person in charge and got permission to shoot some scenes there also!
The energy felt there was so magical to me...so so magical. I felt like I had transported back to that era. I couldn't help but wonder how many generations of families have lived there...right there: children walking and running around the house while nannies chased and yelled at them to behave, ladies in day dresses with beautiful make up, gentleman in suit pants and neckties, etc. As I looked out the window and saw the main avenue full of cars I imagined like all cross-faded to a cobble-stone street with gentleman and old carriages pulled by horses. Lima of the mid 1800's.

And this means that this house was fully occupied while the war was going on.
Mmm...so beautiful.

So...wardrobe is being worked on.
The project still going strong,