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Monday, July 26, 2010

More fabrics still

Damn...so busy these days.
I keep getting back home after 10 or sometimes at midnight after a full day of work with this film thing.

Running here and there and driving all over Lima has turned into an everyday thing.

Tinting the extra uniforms I made to make them light cream white didn't work out as planned. The end result was a grayish tone that didn't pass as Peruvian soldiers uniforms so now I have to make more from scratch and that means more time.

Today I went to pick up more fabrics and it was like 14 rolls of them.
Had to take two cars to take it to the workshop.

Navy blue and Ivory White for the extra soldier uniforms.
It seems we are going to still go as far as mid-august until we finish the whole 584.
I need to start rehearsing with actors soon. Time is running out and I'm really feeling more pressure and stress already.

Still lots to be done and no time to do it.