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Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the final word is....

Today I was told that the colonel in charge had a meeting finally with the Commander in Chief about my film project to get the final approval signature.

I haven't heard nothing back yet but people inside tell me not to worry and that its a go.
I would like to know the final answer formally and to be a positive one.
I'll just have to wait until Monday. Gonna be a long weekend.

It's been six years (now seven) of my life into this dream.
It's been a long wait...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The whole week has been full of meetings at the army headquarters about me beginning doing a few videos and TV commercials for them. It was agreed to be like a "I help you/you help me" kinda thing so I'm cool with that. It's fair enough.

The first thing I'm gonna cover is how the army fights against the insurgent terrorist forces in the VRAE region and kidnap little kids to brainwash them with terrorist ideology.
I'm working on the script and production matters.
I would like to put my own grain of sand on the makeover the army is in truly need of.

I told the colonel to please move my project faster with the Commander in Chief as I'm delivering faster than them. I feel I've waited enough and need to move on to other production things like the uniforms. Can't have them ordered without a formal approval of the army's involvement on my film project. What am I to do if I have 500 uniforms ready for the film when I can't get 500 army people to play the soldiers?

Later I have my next meeting with the explosions expert. He is charging a bit high but offers not only knowledge of what I want but also safety above all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Marketing talks and pre-sale

Today I had another meeting with the CEO of the TV station I'm gonna air my film in.
On the prior talks we had it was suggested that I make it a TV mini-series (of a certain amount of episodes) for it could not only allow me to recover my expenses but also make a profit.

After long thoughts I agreed but I'm gonna push it further as to also make a movie out of it by making a two hour version specially for a feature length.

Five episodes were agreed and also a marketing campaign a few months prior to the film's premiere.
It sounds so promising. I'm excited.

Monday, February 15, 2010

TV meeting went very well

Today's meeting at the TV station was simply productive.
I was sitting with the CEO Federico Anchorena, owner Ernesto Schutz, Programming Manager and two army officers. The TV people were open and easy going. It set the mood of the meeting very good for me.

They were very interested.
They are proposing me to make a TV series of a certain amount of chapters instead of a feature film because the latter, once it's shown...all ends, but with the a series, the income is constant and it can be more exploited. I think I'll consider that for not only do I want to recover my investment but also have earnings over it.

That means I'd have to write much more than what I was doing to fill up many chapters.
Damn...that's more work but it means also more exposure and earnings...so I'll do it.
Another meeting is due with them next week.

I hope this finally sets the army to offer its total support, something that is such a headache so far.
Bureaucracy in a way.
I'm glad I have people inside that believe in me and this project.

Just to be patient and wait for contract signing.
This is an important dream to me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make up...still worrying about it

New talks with the make up artist.
Maybe make up tools will be needed to be imported from the US as some characters need stuff on that isn't available here. Apart from that, I cant seem to find an actor that can portray one of the characters of my film so perhaps I'll have to do it. The only problem is how to cover my somewhat oriental features.

That's gonna be a good challenge but if it doesn't work I'll just have to contend with another guy.

Here I am with Fernando Flores. 16 years of friendship since theater school.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Explosions and weaponry expert

I set up a meeting with an explosions and weaponry expert today to discuss aspects of my film.
I have been very worried lately about the safety and the necessary regulations and care this details needed.
The army has a logistical department called Engineering and also the Artillery and weaponry. Apart from helping with the blank cartridges and charges, it is simply a difficult topic I prefer to leave for the experts for safety and knowledge reasons, so the Army will do. Being an independent film, can't afford much insurance for everything so the Army are the experts and they will take care of it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Army History Commission

Things are coming along after so many (and I do mean many) meetings and coordinations.
For a while it seemed like the army was making things a bit hard but I guess now it is flowing a bit easier.

I do hope so at least.

I made a long and detailed document for the Army History Commission to review about my screenplay and how I plan to aboard this war topic. I just received the news today that they have approved it. Im glad about it. It would have been a pain to have to re-write stuff to try to acomodate thir view.

Six years of research on the topic don;t go unnoticed. I definetly know what Im doing here (if I may say so).

Now, let's move on with the project.