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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Parrot and Voruz cannons ready to go

Went to the workshop to check on Alejandro's progress with the cannons. I am very pleased and happy with the results. They are done beautifully. The size and finishing is quite great and will look awesome and dominant onscreen which is the primal purpose.

Just a few things to take care of here and there for the Voruz's base to resemble the real one and it's good to go. Didn't order the Parrot cannon's base for I already made it back in June 2011 when making myself the 250 lbs Vavasseur. Was going to make a Parrot also but because of time constrains and the blacksmith's attitude I just made it's base only. Now, both versions will have to match to make an awesome Parrot cannon.

I am quite happy to know Alejandro. Such a great humble guy and very bright with solutions instead of problems. Proactive is the word and I like that. Even though it is the first time he has done a model this big - as he says- the results are good. It was a great experience making myself the huge Vavasseur back in June last year
( http://www.juancarlosoganes.net/2011/06/vavasseur-cannon-almost-done-parrot.html )
but it took a lot of my time to monitor and help the blacksmith's progress all along in order to finish in time for the filming schedule we had back in those months (those guys, if not under pressure, begin to stall you and they don't respect deadlines). The Vavasseur was finished awesomely anyway. If I knew Alejandro back then I'm sure I'd have delegated the job to him so I could concentrate on other production stuff. It would have ended in good hands too but without the hassle. Anyway...either way all is well that ends well. :)

Now, letting him go back to finish the three big battleship miniatures I commissioned for the film.

Checking measurements to match real proportions.

The weigh is good for balance.

The texture is ready for some "dirtying" in order to look aged.