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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deparment of Defense

Coming back from the Department of Defense. I met finally with the head adviser to the Secretary of Defense to talk about my film. It was worth the wait as for a while I didn't think it was gonna happen today. He came a bit late but excused himself when he arrived in a proper manner and he was such a decent and warm person. Seemed enthusiastic and he will talk soon to the Secretary of Defense to arrange a meeting between him and me so I can explain further my mission and goals with this project.

Talking to people as high up the food chain as those guys is really really hard. I'm glad to finally pull thru. I must admit sometimes its overwhelming, emotionally draining all these hurdles and patience-demanding, My dream is what pushes me forward and I want to take it to the limit.
But still, I want results.

One thing that annoyed earlier before the meeting -as I talked with a colonel who is supporting my film too- was the fact that while talking with the officer who is in charge of pushing my project forward with the Commander-in-Chief (and a person I was trusting and waiting on) has left it stuck in there without a follow-up, trapping my project in the commander-in-chief's office. And all just out of pure negligence.

Luckily I have 99% of the people inside on my side that see the importance and value of this thing.

The things I get to learn lately....mmm...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Navy talks...progressing.

Sticking with my plan B, I met today with the Director of the Naval Museum, Contralmirante Casaretto. I was highly recommended to him by fellow friends and by the Naval Academy's sub-director Capitan de Navio Millones.

I can resume that meeting into two words: simply fraternal.
Casaretto could comprehend my vision with this project and also my frustration with the Army's delay with the signing of the support treaty. I could not only see navy officer compliant with the navy's ideal, but also a human being knowledgeable of the necessity of this types of work to be released on to the public. In fact, he is a lover of art and has been the author and promoter of theater plays regarding Navy topics of heroism and has faced the lack of support many times during decades with art topics like mine. But, he pulled thru also, so he understands.

He suggested some names and also supported my idea to talk to the Secretary of Defense himself as I told him I was pulling some strings here and there to get to him. He finally gave the push i needed.
I explained that if the Army takes more than two weeks, I was planning to have the Navy's support with the film. He was more than eager to uphold that decision. Even suggested to do so.

But I'm gonna wait a week and a half. Otherwise, I'll go with the Navy.
I'm only asking for support for the battle scenes, not permission to make my film. So if I cant have their help, another will....and the Navy is interested.

Meeting with the Secretary of Defense's adviser next Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Navy talks...starting.

Heading toward Lima's port is the quiet neighborhood of La Punta near the sea. Finally I arrived sharp to my awaited meeting at the Peruvian Naval Academy. The weather is so hot lately that wearing a suit is unbearable but there -even under a clear blue sky and no clouds to cover the burning sun- the ocean breeze was soothing for a while. I can't wait to have my car's AC fixed. I really don't know how I'm driving around without it!

Jorge Millones, my friend's Milagro's husband was a very helpful and awesome person.
Being the sub-director of the Academy, he knew what people to talk to regarding my film project and even made some calls in front of me to make sure we were heading somewhere.

Can't be more optimistic now. There is hope!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plan B

Today I met with Milagros Bellido, journalist and a very smart woman. Introduced by a common friend, we happen to share same mission and values regarding the necessity to evaluate and push up the sense of nation and patriotism.
She has written many articles for years about the unjustice and biased opinions against the army by localized political and social groups that look to diminish, belittle and dismember the authentic mission of the Institution. She understood very clear what my mission was.

Her husband happens to be also the son of an army officer and he is now a high ranking officer in the Navy. His name sounds familiar in the army family's circle of friends.
We arranged a meeting with him to start talks with the Navy as plan B.

The army is taking too much to answer.
And the sad thing is that its not the Army itself....but just one or two people inside that trap my project.

Thank God 99% inside are in favor, but still. I need to move on.
Can't wait on them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Explosives' on the way!

The explosives and ammunition for my film has just been ordered now for importation. Scheduled to get here in 45 to 50 days aprox, will arrive from the US inside a special container by the end of April.
Getting all the permits with Discamec and the Ministry of Interior is a hassle in itself but...necessary to do.

Can't wait to do some explosion's and gunfire tests!!

I just can't bear this heat anymore...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Focusing on the "art department"

Waiting for the commander in chief's approval is taking longer than expected. I can't say I'm calm but I'm handling it by working on other areas of the film like the Art Department meanwhile.

Last week I went to visit the site where the Bolognesi headquarters replica's at: the Real Felipe fortress, and today to the Museo de los Combatientes del Morro de Arica (Heores of the battle of Arica museum). I brought along the interior designer and friend of mine Juan Carlos Araujo. This is gonna be the first time he gets involved in a project of this size and type but I'm sure he will deliver. Besides, I trust him as a person and as an artist.

The museum is awesome and both places really bring you closer to how they lived, weared and also gives a better perspective of how the furniture, architecture and atmosphere were in that era. I want it to be well detailed in the film.

Here are some pics in the Respuesta Replica at the Real Felipe fortress and the House of Bolognesi.
Now the decorations and props that needs to appear on the film is better understood now.

Definitely...I love this era.
The high ceilings and tall doors and slim corridors of Bolognesi's house reminded me of my grandfathers' one in La Victoria. Their house was from the early 1900's.